The year was 1997. College students were listening to The Cardigans and cardigan sweaters were making a comeback.  Big, teased hair was in a downswing and smooth, natural locks were the new look. The word on the street being whispered until it became a buzz was that Iowa City was going to house a major name in hair where men and women alike could come explore the sanctuary of healthy, luxurious manes.  Frustrated coeds bemoaning their fried, over bleached ends and dramatically dark roots had reason to be hopeful. The Pedestrian Plaza pulsed with excitement as the new salon began construction of their space amid the locally owned shops gracing the idyllic brick walkway. Buzz stepped into their prime downtown location and its name was immediately touted as Iowa’s premier house of hair. The mid-century- meets-modern-luxury décor came with a new level of service appealing to an ageless and diverse clientele. Jodi Connolly was ringing in a new era of the salon experience by offering a rich, cozy environment to clients while treating them with the most progressive techniques administered by caring professionals.  Elle Magazine agreed in 2009 when it named Buzz Salon one of the Top 100 Salons in the country.  Named Salon of the Year in 2015 by Salon Today, Buzz continues to evolve and grow as a salon committed to customizing each person’s salon experience while offering the best of their craft.