IC Press Citizen: Buzz Salon named Salon of the Year in national competition

Thanks Andrew Davis and the Iowa City Press Citizen for the great article...

The first floor boutique focuses primarily on retail, and a mezzanine above is reserved for clients. Connolly said she wants the space to feel like an "urban treehouse," with a view overlooking the Blackhawk Mini Park from the 110 S. Dubuque St. location.

"We really designed the space and the mezzanine around their needs. We try to do that with every building, to find out who the main occupants will be in the commercial space so that we can design in to what they need," said developer Marc Moen, owner of the Park@201 building. "They also have a shared lobby. There is an enormous panel that was created by an artist that goes up on a weighted pulley system, so there's an opening between their space and a lobby for the offices and condos in that building."

The salon moved into the new space in April 2014, Connolly said, and now has about 20 employees.

"It was a brand new space when we moved in, and it was really built from the ground up to suit our needs," she said.

Next year, the salon will serve as a judge for the Salon of the Year competition, Connolly said, and already has received new equipment and products in recognition of its achievement.

"It was an honor just to be nominated in the top 20, but to get first place is just amazing," she said.

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