Thermal Reconditioning: The Golden Ticket for Straight Hair

New York Stylist Linda Francipane (blonde, far right and center) will be gracing us with her presence and talent from September 24th through 27th to introduce Thermal Reconditioning (sometimes known as Japanese Straightening) to eastern Iowa and beyond. So what is Thermal Reconditioning you ask? Check out the following Q and A with Linda to find out more about this technique sweeping the beauty and celeb culture:

Q & A with New York Stylist Linda Francipane

What is thermal reconditioning?

Thermal reconditioning is also more commonly referred to as Japanese Straightening. Thermal" " is just that, it literally changes the molecular structure of the hair, with a hair softening chemical, that compromises the protein in the hair, and then reconditioned into a smoother, straighter, texture, using extreme heat. It is then neutralized to lock the new molecular structure in, permanently.

How long does it last?

This procedure grows out, so the retouch process is done approximately every 7-12 months, depending on the texture, and how rapidly the hair growth is. These conditions are very specific to each individual.

What if I still have a hard time understanding the science of how it works?

I (can) explain this process as a similar process of turning sand into glass. I approach this procedure in a very unique way, as I'm not a technician who only applies chemicals, such as color, highlights, relaxers, perms, or even Brazilian blowdry. I cut and style hair which gives me a deeper understanding of the movement of different textures of hair. So I do not just straighten the hair dead straight, roots to ends, as most of these procedures are/were done.

How will my hair look afterward?

In the past, the client starts to really enjoy their straightening after a month or several weeks, as its grown back a bit, and not too straight or limp from roots to ends. My unique approach guarantees that there is volume and movement left in the hair, as well as the ability to style the hair in a variety of styles, i.e; curls, waves, voluminous results with blowdry styling.