Thermal Reconditioning Blows Away Brazilian Blowout! Check It Out...

Thermal Reconditioning (also known as Japanese Straightening in some places) is coming to Buzz Salon September 24th-27th courtesy of acclaimed NYC stylist Linda Francipane. Get the skinny on what this treatment offers your hair in our previous blog, "Thermal Conditioning: The Golden Ticket for Straight Hair." Now let us tell you some of the details for how you can get year-round smooth and frizz-free locks...

This procedure is booked after a consultation and a price quote. Here are some guidelines of what you can expect:

• Most virgin, full head applications start at $950 and go up depending on the length, texture and amount of hair. This will also dictate the time needed.

• Generally a virgin application with shoulder length hair will take 4 hours minimum. Clearly with longer, thicker hair, the timing will increase.

• Full head retouches start at $900 and up. Full head Retouches generally are timed at 3-4 hours. 

 • A cut is definitely recommended after a retouch. 

 • There are also partial reconditionings for people who have specific issues such as frizzy hairline, curly hair desiring bangs, frizzy top layer or under layer and a plethora of other examples and situations.

• Partials are also booked upon consult and price quote. Partial prices can vary from $250-$750, depending on the circumstance. The timing starts at a minimum of 2 hours.

• With partials, it is recommended to have a cut, so the newly processed hair is seamlessly and custom-cut without detection. Linda's cut's start at $150.

 *If you do the math with the Brazilian blowdrys, or similar treatments, they can run from $300-$600, and have to be re-done every 8-12 weeks, depending on the hair's condition, and are not permanent. They break down and disappear with shampooing, color and water conditions. There may or may not be health risks associated with the Brazilian. 
* The thermal procedure can be done on most hair types, colored and/or highlighted hair types, and is not toxic at all. 
* It is not recommended on damaged, broken, over processed hair, or on top of other straightening procedures.
* For clients with these conditions that choose to have the procedure, a waiver must be signed, so that Buzz, Milbon, and Linda Francipane are not held liable for any breakage or any other possible outcome that is not desirable.
* There are specific non-sulfate, and, more importantly, protein-based products that are mandatory to use. Since the natural protein in the hair has been compromised and/or depleted, protein MUST be replaced topically, to keep the hair shiny, healthy and not appearing to be processed. 
* Timing on haircuts will be 45 mins.