Mariah, Jodi, and Allie Have Luggage Tags for L.A. Trip!

Some of our team is heading out to Los Angeles this week to support and aid Mariah in the creme de la creme Trendvision2014 Wella event where Mariah has earned her place by repeatedly winning every competition that brought her to the top awards. Now thanks to some of her industry supporters, our team is guaranteed not to lose their checked luggage!

Here is what Mariah had to say:

"Thanks to Karen Kaalberg of Wella and Laurie Zoran of Cosmoprof for sending me this nice surprise! They took one of my proudest moments and made luggage tags for me and my team. So excited for our trip to LA! I'm overwhelmed by the amount of support these ladies have given me! #wella #wellalife # wellaeducation #wellatrendvision #trendvision #trendvision2014 #natva #natva2014 #buzzsalon #buzzfamily #teambuzz #teamjoseph @buzz_salon @wellaeducation — with Abigail Elizabeth."