Oribe How-To from Backstage at Carolina Herrara

Carolina Herrera Resort 2015
Hair by Adam Livermore

Resort 2015  by Carolina Herrera managed to marry glamour and simplicity so the hair needed to complement. Hence, Oribe Stylist, Adam Livermore came on the scene to style simplicity, sexy and simple. Now he shares how to do this at home:


Get the look:
1. Create a center part. Working in sections starting from the top of the head, sprayVolumista Mist for Volume generously on the roots. Comb the hair flat down to the head and then blow-dry. “It sounds counterintuitive but Volumista is just as great for starching hair down flat as it is for starching it straight out from the scalp for volume,” noted Livermore.
2. Apply Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse to the lengths of the hair, section by section. Curl the hair with a 1-inch iron using the marcel technique.
3. While keeping the top of the head’s hair flat and smooth, brush the marcel waves out and liberally spray with Thick Dry Finishing Spray.
4. Tuck the hair behind the ears and finish off with Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray.