The Latisha Technique as Seen in Vanity Fair

This past Sunday, December 15th we did a 3 Step How-To from Latisha for how to achieve glam curl like this pic of Nicole Kidman. Clearly, the stylists at VF heard  us loud and clear.:)

Here it is again in case you missed it:

1) Curl the hair with a one inch iron by taking small, clean diagonal sections and spraying with Oribe's Soft Laque Couture on each section as you go.

2) Smooth the section with your hands and curl toward the face, working it in 2 rows on both sides of the head before finishing the back rows (made into 3 sections).

3) After the curls cool down for about 5 minutes, gently brush them out with a Mason Pearson brush (for amazing results but other brushes will work fine) and form the shape. Next, tuck one side behind the ear neatly and….Viola!   

nicole kidman.jpg