Jodi Connolly on the Mend

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and questions about Jodi's shoulder. As many of you may know, Jodi had surgery on January 7th for a torn rotator cuff. She was meant to have a six-week recovery and be back behind the chair a new and improved Jodi but when the surgeon started delving around he found the damage was much more extensive than previously thought. Turns out, fifteen years of competitive gymnastics coupled with twenty plus years behind the chair took it's toll on the petite hair-cutting machine named Jodi. 


Sooooo…. Jodi's surgeon prevailed in his treatment plan of keeping Jodi out of commission and here we are approaching the end of the year holidays! She is slowly getting back in the saddle, or rather behind the chair, and appreciates everyone's patience and goodwill in this extensive recovery. Even now, the beginning of November, she is just getting in the swing of working in her creative capacity a few days a week. What has she been doing to occupy herself? For starters, the new Buzz Salon directly across from us in the pedestrian plaza has been an exciting task and keeps everyone here busy and excited planning, envisioning and executing what is sure to be the coolest space known to modern man. She has also spent a lot of extra time being a mom and her boys, Augustine and Cash, have thoroughly enjoyed the extra doting… to a point! 

Jodi Connolly of Buzz Salon in Iowa City smells the flowers!